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More Perth

and Science!

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I took another day to explore Perth. I had two goals; one to visit the Perth Art Gallery and the other to visit Scitech, Perth's hands-on science museum. Science first, naturally!

Scitech is a very nice facility, probably a bit larger than Impression 5 in Lansing, but then it serves a metro region of about 1.25 million folks. Here are a couple of shots of some of the activties


The air cannon target shows the air vortex from the cannon pretty clearly and the hive is fun to watch. The tube to the outside is full of bees coming and going; I watched for a while and I don't think I ever saw a bee change her plans and reverse direction. They also bump heads with oncoming bees almost every time; I'm guessing it's a recognition thing.

I thought this was quite a cool activity. It uses a projector and some clever software to create a live contour map of the material in the table below.

They have a new exhibit coming called Innovation Central


so naturally I chatted with some of the staff about this exhibit, which it turns out will be an exhibition of innovative items. I learned a new word as well; Chindōguz, which is Japanese for completely useless inventions designed to solve real-world problems. They will be a major facet of the new exhibit. We also had a chance to talk about our Innovation 5 project and agreed that keeping kids engaged as they age out of traditional science museum activities is a worldwide challenge.

There was one exhibit that puzzled me - not the exhibit, just the credit


So I had to find out what a 'Men's shed' was. It turns out to be a community of Australian maker spaces which (with government funding !) are for blokes only!

On to the Art Gallery of Western Australia. (since it's no longer Tuesday). A pretty interesting collection very much focused on the art of Western Australia. There are some pretty iconic Australian images such as this


and frankly, some real drek, like this


There is a fairly limited selection of early work by indigenous artists, but they are better represented in later eras and some of them are pretty pointed criticisms


This is a reference to the tragic history of Rottsnest Island that we visited just the day before. Prior to becoming a tourist destination, Rottsnest was used to incarcerate indigenous peoples, often on the flimsiest excuses, and keep them indefinitely. It was a terrible chapter in Perth's history and clearly not forgotten by some today. Indeed, the issue appears to be live today; here is a protest sign I found stuck by the side of the sidewalk when I was strolling around Perth


I wandered back to my place with a lot to think about.

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Last days in Perth

and on to Bangkok!

sunny 84 °F

Had a pretty quiet last few days in Perth. My host Susanne and went to the Perth Zoo in search of exotic creatures. We found a few- here's a kangaroo and a kookaburra


They also have a big area for orangutans and have a very successful breeding program


We also sighted the a meerkat and the wily echidna - or maybe a pile of straw with quills?

Next day I was to leave in the evening so I spent the day with a drive east to complete my survey of the Perth area. I went out to York, a small town founded in the early days of Western Australia. They are primarily a tourist destination now, with restored buildings and hotels and restaurants.


I took a walk out of town across the suspension bridge and the river and then headed home. Here are a few shots from my walk




Upon my return, Susanne had prepared a wonderful fish dinner for my last meal in Perth.


Thanks, again, Susanne for being such a great host. If you would like to explore Susanne's cookbook collection visit her website

Wilder by the Dozen


Off to Bangkok on Garuda Airlines with a long layover in Jakarta. I decided to rent a hotel room and this is the one I found at the FM7 hotel.


-$31/night including breakfast and airport shuttle. Pretty good deal, even though you are taxed getting out of the airport and again leaving Jakarta.

Both flights were about 4 hours, so I was in what I would call a 'regular' seat - nice sized and comfortable but not high tech. Had a very nice lunch on the way to Jakarta.


My room in Bangdkok was huge - an apartment in fact. Not shown in this picture is the marble bathroom with separate shower and bath and the kitchen with eating area.


I collapsed and took it easy, getting ready to face Bangkok in the morning.

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